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LOKI is a Delta-8 Seltzer, the first drink of it's kind.

People drink for many reasons, and flavor is just one. We did our research to craft a seltzer your mind can sense after just one serving. Low-calorie and up lifting.  LOKI fits into our lives as a euphoric alternative to alcohol that keeps us clear headed, creative, and social with no hangover the next day.

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LOKI Seltzer Delta 8 Can

Sip the experience,
keep it LOKI.

We put 20mg of Delta-8 in each can, and wait till you see the nutrition specs.

0 Sugars

0 Carbs

5 Calories


Gluten free

Naturally Flavored

Share it.
Chill it.
Mix it.
Sip it.

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The world doesn't need another hard seltzer, and you don't need another hangover.

But what is Delta-8 ?!

Delta 8

The Delta 8 experience

Delta-8 creates more of an in-your-body sensation and physical relaxation. With less psychoactivity than Delta-9, D8 produces a clear high without the anxiety often associated with everyday cannabis products. It can help people feel more in tune with themselves, more present in the mind, and it heightens the senses.

The Delta 8 properties

Delta-8 (D8) is essentially the lesser known sibling to Delta-9  (D9), and while they are similar in that they are both psychotropic, D8 is approximately ½ - ⅔ as potent as D9. It is one of 100+ cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant, often in extremely low quantities with most dried cannabis flower containing less than 1% naturally.

Learn more about Delta-8

“We were waiting to find a cannabis brand that can finally go main stream.”

LOKI New York Times

LOKI, with its blissful gradients, hype-y logo, and black can, promises to leave you feeling "creative and inspired."

LOKI Die Line

“One of those, why-the-f**k didn't-i-think-of-this moments after the first sip.”

LOKI Delta 8 Seltzers

What they're saying



SO GOOD!!! it’s the perfect balance between a seltzer & sparkling water. The taste is also not over powering. I felt good after drinking a whole can!! 10/10


LOKI gets the job done.

Overall, this is an “enhanced” seltzer that satisfies and won’t leave you drowsy, bloated, or hungover. I like it. Bye, bye hard seltzers!


What an amazing feeling!

“Well I didn't know what to expect since i really don't use cannabis or smoke. The flavor was perfect, not too sweet or too carbonated and the feeling was very “vibey”.


Absolutely love it!

"The best delta 8 product in the market in my opinion"