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Delta 8 in the Cannabis Industry - LOKI Seltzers

Date Published
June 25, 2022

The cannabis beverage industry has been the subject of harsh criticism from both the government and the general public. This is linked to the infusion of cannabis into drinks and the effects it can have on consumers. We wrote this article to introduce a perfect drink solution for your seltzer needs by outlining how well it defeats the competition.  By the time you're done, the first can will already be an aftertaste. 

The history of cannabis seltzers

To get things going, let's take a look at what cannabis seltzers are. The first thing to note is that the process of infusing cannabis into beverages has never been an easy task. There have been cases where the resulting drink looks like colored water with chunks of cannabis floating in it. When that happens, you're left with feelings of doubt about the effectiveness of the product. 

To solve this problem, there were attempts to create a better harmony between the components of the cannabis plant i.e.tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) and liquid by using alcohol. Unfortunately, the combination of alcohol and cannabis is currently illegal in the United States, so there is still a major reliance on the combination of cannabis and water. The issue with combining cannabis oil with water is that due to the cannabis components, dissolution is not uniform. What this means is when you take the drink, you will taste different shades of cannabis as it did not dissolve properly. Luckily, technology has solved this issue and there are now easier ways to achieve a more wholesome combination. 

The issues of cannabis seltzers 

In spite of a massive win streak for weed drinks, cannabis seltzers have come under scrutiny from the law and consumers alike. These concerns include the following:

Absence of legal backing

In November 2016, voters in California passed Proposition 64 which made recreational Marijuana legal in the state. This was a huge win for businesses trying to get into the cannabis business in general  but sadly things haven't gone as planned. This is because the law which now grants Marijuana freedom also granted municipalities the power to ban weed as they see fit. Coupled with restrictions in the sale of cannabis, the use of cannabis in producing items is still being frowned upon in certain areas. 

Difficult to produce 

As earlier mentioned, it is hard to combine cannabis oil with water making the production of cannabis seltzers difficult to pull off. The issue is directly linked to the fat soluble ingredients in cannabis which do not combine with water. The only way to achieve a proper balance for beverage production is to have the required technology. Unfortunately, these are hard and difficult to come by making production only possible for big businesses. 

Financial concerns

Cannabis seltzers have received a lot of good publicity but the market is still one that  is slowly attracting investors with many waiting to see how things turn out. This has left new entrepreneurs in a state of low fubding and capital to crete and promote their products on the market and push them to prospective customers. 

Why the Delta-8 seltzer is the best option 

Now that we're done with the dark side of cannabis seltzers, let's look at the saving grace of the same product category. The Delta-8 seltzer is slowly making a name for itself in the cannabis and weed drink industry and we can look at its success from the following 5 points:

Proper legal representation

Cannabis laws have a long history of being vague and in some cases, the same laws protect and prohibit cannabis use. Luckily, this does not apply to the Delta-8 THC which is now legal along with other cannabinoids courtesy of the pioneer 2018 "Farm Bill". Initially, there were concerns that the law would prohibit the use of Delta-8-THC because it can be created by modifying CBD isolate. This has been debunked with the exclusion of synthetically created cannabinoids only applying to products like "k2" and "spice".

Access to materials

The production of most cannabis seltzers is impossible without the right ingredient. This clause does not affect the production of Delta-8 THC as it can be made from CBD. Getting the right equipment is also not an issue as this particular product has a seamless manufacturing process with a high profit turnover.

Comes with benefits

If you have any pre-existing health conditions, you should speak with your doctor prior to trying any THC products. This caused key players in the cannabis market to figure out a way to make a product that had relaxing effects without making the customers get high beyond desired levels . Delta-8 THC is the perfect solution with the right amount of sensation.

Immediate results

A recurring issue when it comes to cannabis seltzers is that the cannabis ingredients do not dissolve properly. This means that the effects of the drink will not be felt immediately which unfortunately leaves you with emptiness and nothing but wasted time. The Delta-8 THC product effectively resolves this issue with the perfect blend of crisp carbonation and body buzz. The result of combining the bubbles and nano is that instant hit that you've always wanted. 

Distinct Taste

With so many seltzers on the market with similar ingredients, there is a chance that most of them taste the same. The Delta-8 seltzer we offer comes with a special taste that is delicious and totally relaxing.


Cannabis seltzers have hit the beverage market big time, and they are definitely not going anywhere. In spite of the occasional bad review, these beverages have set the pace for cannabis products. The Delta-8 is also a perfect solution and we provide answers to all your seltzer questions